Breathing Exercises For Beginners: Air Out Your Stress

Since inhaling an essential oil is the fastest way to experience essential oil therapeutics, this is where to begin. The following simple exercise shows you how to properly inhale an essential oil, for the deepest intake of the microparticles, and it’s the foundation for using essential oils every day. Once you’ve mastered this
step, all the other benefits will follow.


Dear reader, I’m afraid I’m going to recommend you do not ingest essential oils. Although ingesting essential oils can be done safely under the supervision of a qualified aromatherapist, any professional would also check with your physician first to make sure doing so is okay for you.

There is a lot written on the Internet about ingesting essential oils, but what many people don’t know is that consuming essential oils can cause gastritis and even more serious reactions.

Getting Started with Essential Oils

By now, I hope you’re excited about incorporating essential oils into your daily routine. Later in the blog, I’ll share details about how to buy and use oils to boost daily routines, address specific problems, and purify your home environment. For now, getting started is as easy as buying five basic, easy-to-find, affordable essential oils and one organic fatty oil you will use as a base for face, body, treatment, and massage oils.

The Story of Essential Oils

The Story of Essential Oils

This world must have been aromatic heaven: women scented their hair with cedar-infused oil and the air was ripe with aromatic smoke from pine, spruce, juniper, and balsam incense, the rich balsam tones creating an aromatic terrain—the perfume of everyday life, rituals, ceremonies, and healing.